The Science of Green

Enzymatic method to denature molds and bacteria

Our core competency

Custom enzyme matching utilizing a polyphasic species concept.

Polyphasic taxonomy

Our enzymes are harvested from the same type of pathogens we aim to kill, incorporating both genotypic and phenotypic information.

Custom enzyme blend

Amylase: breaks down carbohydrates

Lipase: breaks down fats

Protease: breaks down proteins

Destroys cell membranes

The enzyme lyses the cell wall, effectively killing the spore.

Enzymes continue to work

As a catalyst, the enzymes are not consumed by the reaction and so continue to work, breaking down proteins to amino acids.

No protein means no allergen remains.

Enzymes versus Synthetic Chemicals



Catalytic Stoichiometric 1-1
Very specific Not specific
Low reactivity High reactivity
Very persistent No persistence
Penetrate substrates Surface only
Natural, non-toxic May be toxic, harmful to substrates